Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well it seems the media is in a frenzy again. This time it's over some things the newly elected govenor of Alabama said. He apparently said that only Christians were his brothers and sisters but that he wwould like everyone to be so. I haven't heard the actual speech but I don't think he meant that in the way the media and non Christians are taking it. In the Bible fellow Christians are referred to over and over as our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ because Christ is our spiritual father. Unbellievers don't have Christ as their father therefor they aren't our brothers and sisters. It doesn't symbolize any hatred or ill will towards non Christians. As believers we want everyone to believe and come to know the joy of Christ in their life. I think this was why he said he wished everyone could be his brothers and sisters. I admit I don't know the man or his full beliefs but I understand his sentiment and maybe if the media and action groups understood Christianity a little bit better they wouldn't make such a fuss over nothing :(

As for Mary...............go ahead marry us off! Mik needs all the encouragement he can get!!!! lol
Erika I didn't even know you were pregnant! How awesome!

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FrankandMary said...

We all need to allow others some leeway in expression. I am not a Christian, but that does not mean that I have to LOOK for things Christians do(or say), pull them apart, & then complain about them. I understand what you are saying here.

I think Mik only holds off on the marrying thing because he wants to do the very, very best for you. I admire that, but darn, I want a wedding :-).~Mary