Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So........... here I go again with this blog. I seem to have trouble being very committed to it but with january and febuary, my two most hated months, staring at me, I figured why not? I'm not a huge writer but I do want to stay in touch with Erica more and also I like to post pictures every now and then. I updated my profile a bit with some new likes :)Some things will never change like my love for Chtist and my love for my Mik. I call Mik my "Edward" and if you've read the Twilight books you know what I mean. The perfect male, almost anyway ;)True to form blogger won't upload my picture! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Erica M said...

hehe. you say that as if i'm the only one who ever reads your blog... i'm betting i won't be the only happy reader! :-)

i love you and am so glad i got to see you, even if it was just for a while. i'm coming back in feb, so maybe i'll get to see you again!

Mik said...

I didn't read the book but I saw the movie ;)

I guess I'm a pasty white clammy undead vampire... grrrrreat! lol